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Since 1947 Sullivan Festeryga has been providing Innovative Legal Solutions for individuals, families and businesses.

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Joel D. Chrolavicius

Embracing Culture & Values

Sullivan Festeryga LLP maintains a foundation built on strong values and an inherent desire to embrace the culture that surrounds us. Since our inception, we have maintained a dedicated focus on becoming an industry leader, not only in our respective fields, but through our presence in our comminutes.

As a full-service law firm, we provide a range of legal services including providing support and advice relating to Corporate and Commercial Law, Family, Criminal, Real Estate, Estate Planning and many other areas.

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As we start the year 2022, we reflect on the past with excitement for the future. At Sullivan Festeryga, we have come a long way from where we started in 1947. We have grown in numbers and areas of practice. Our long history of excellence and connection to the community, both in Hamilton and the wider Province of Ontario, gives us confidence that we will continue to serve our clients with the professional and skillful work they have come to expect. We owe our success to the dedication of our lawyers, administrative professionals and, most of all, our valuable clients.


Our firm and our values have stood the test of time and our commitment to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations has never changed.

We continue to evolve as we have over the past 75 years, incorporating ever-changing technology and adapting to our dynamic world and profession. We can say with certainty that our founding lawyers did not anticipate a day where meetings, discoveries, and hearings would be conducted from behind a computer screen with others across the province and world. But they would recognize the continuing dedication to excellence and the unique family that we are.


To everyone that has contributed to our proud firm over the years, thank you. To everyone helping to create our future, let us do so with the same passion for our craft and commitment to each other, our community and those we serve.